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Learn New Rules to Win Your Appeals at the ALJ


Providers and suppliers appealing claims for Medicare, Medicare Advantage or Medicare Prescription Drug plans must understand the new rules of engagement in order to prevail through the appeals process. The benefit of this webcast is to help you understand the new rules in order to enhance successful outcomes throughout the appeals process, but specifically the ALJ level of appeal.

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New and significant changes to the Medicare appeals process, including how to utilize newly precedential decisions and the presentation of evidence throughout the appeals process could severely impact your chances of winning at Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) hearings.

The rules of engagement have changed. And that means your approach and strategy for appealing claims must change as well for you and your facility to prevail. This strategically important webcast will identify how these new changes will affect your chances of responding to audits and appeals.

Learning Objectives

Additionally, during this webcast you will...
  • Understand the significant changes in the Medicare appeals rules for ALJ hearings, including attorney adjudicators.
  • Learn how precedential decisions of the Medicare Appeals Council may impact other appeals of similar claims and the billings of similar claims.
  • Realize the importance of the early presentation of evidence rules at the reconsideration level and the criteria of when a party may submit evidence for the first time at the ALJ level.
  • Learn how to apply the changes to the Medicare appeals process to craft updated and effective strategic approaches.