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Optimize the Role of Care Management: Keys to Evaluate and Reposition Your Program

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Care management professionals are not discharge planners. Pigeonholing them forfeits the opportunity for them to proactively influence the progression of care. As a result, care managers are often blamed for long lengths of stay (LOS) and patients who are not discharged in a timely fashion.

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Hospital care managers often function in a reactive process, trying to prove their value by accommodating requests and fixing problems. The result? Delays in care and a frustrating process of not meeting physician, patient, and payer expectations. Too often care management is aligned only as discharge planners and the opportunity to really influence the progression of care in a positive way is missed.

With a focus only on getting the patient out, care managers are often blamed with long length of stay and patients who are not discharged in a timely manner.

But care management is not synonymous with discharge planning! And, as you'll learn from Tiffany Ferguson in this RACmonitor webcast, care management, used optimally, serves as the influencer to access to care, progression of care and transition of care and therefore can serve as a key advocate to reduce excessive, wasteful, duplicate, or questionable interventions. This essential webcast will show you how to evaluate your current care management program and determine how you can position care management in a proactive way to address admissions, medical necessity, patient throughput, and internal level of care readiness and external transition.

Why This is Relevant:

This exclusive RACmonitor webcast is essential for hospitals and health systems to evaluate their current care management programs—to be proactive in addressing admission criteria, medical necessity, patient throughput as well as reviewing internal level of care.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how the marketplace has impacted the evolution of care management
  • Reframe your existing care management program to ensure your team is working at top of licensure
  • Learn how to develop a care management program that is patient-centered and physician-focused
  • Understand the role care management plays in influencing access to care, progression of care, and the transition of care
  • Learn how care management professionals must show their value by outcomes achieved, not the volume of services delivered

Who Should Attend:

VP revenue cycle, directors of care management and directors of utilization review, physician advisors, CFOS, CMOS, hospitalists and CNOS.

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