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Avoid Take-Backs and Fines: Create an Effective Risk-Based Audit Plan

Avoid Take-Backs and Fines: Create an Effective Risk-Based Audit Plan webcast image

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External third-party and government audits are a way of life. It's not a question of if you get audited but rather when. Being prepared in advance and knowing the most likely targets of the audit allows your organization to mitigate potential damage through a priori reviews.

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Recovery audits of all types have increased to such a degree that they are now more of the rule than the exception.

With the proliferation of audits— both commercial and governmental— little wonder you and your team feel as if you're in a war zone. Let's face it. You are; defending your facility and protecting your reimbursements. And that is why you need to create a pre-audit risk assessment to analyze the utilization of your codes and modifiers against a variety of internal and external benchmarks before auditors' pounce to recoup the revenue to which you are entitled.

In this exclusive RACmonitor webcast, led by industry expert Frank Cohen, you will learn you how to assess your compliance risk by comparing procedure codes, RVUs, and modifier use against peer statistics.

Learning Objectives:

During this exclusive RACmonitor webcast, you will…

  • Learn about the different types of recovery audits
  • Understand how the CERT study impacts audit risk
  • Create utilization tables from your own data
  • Identify which code/modifier sets are most at risk
  • Appreciate the value that analytics play in risk assessment
Who Should Attend

Make sure your entire auditing team attends this crucially important webcast. Specifically, those who should attend include compliance officers, compliance managers, auditors, audit managers and compliance analysts and RAC coordinators.