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The Joy of Coding Session I: Increasing the Joys of Coding
Price: $59.00

Wednesday, February 11

Using personal examples from coders, Dr. Moffic will discuss the unique job satisfaction and value that coding can bring to coders and their healthcare organizations. The joys of coding can be and should be a connection to the authentic self of the coder.

Two-Midnight Rule Probe and Educate: Real Case Studies, Real Solutions
Price: $199.00

Thursday, March 12

The end of the moratorium on short stay audits by review contractors is fast approaching. Although the resumption of RAC audits has been delayed once again, the MACs are continuing with probe audits and short stay rates continue to be reported on the PEPPER report. And here’s more misery: The ZPICs, Supplemental Medical Review Contractors (SMRC) and OIG have no statutory restrictions on auditing!

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Observation: Learn How to Untangle the CMS Web of Complexity - Part II: The Two-Midnight Rule
Price: $199.00

Tuesday, March 17

The contentious and confusing “Two-Midnight Rule” will be thoroughly explained while the use of Condition Code 44 will be reviewed in the context of a patient’s severity that might warrant a level of care different than the original prognosis.

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How to Avoid the Big Four Payment and Compliance Risks for Hospital Pharmacies: Coding and Billing
Price: $99.00

Tuesday, April 7

In both the physician office and hospital outpatient setting, infusible drug amounts are billed on the claim form as "units." For established drugs (those having a drug specific HCPCS code) the number of units is determined by the HCPCS descriptor for the drug being billed. The OIG and RAC auditors continue to examine claims for billing errors. Compliance with these complicated billing requirements is a never-ending issue that providers must monitor to ensure correct revenue and avoid investigations.
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Observation: Learn How to Untangle the CMS Web of Complexity - Part III: Reducing Inappropriate Admissions
Price: $199.00

Tuesday, April 14

Learn how to communicate effectively as to why patients are receiving the care provided and how appropriate medical management can actually reduce inappropriate admissions. You will come to understand the variations of clinical severity of patients versus the regulatory definitions and how these differences impact the communication of medical necessity.

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