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RACmonitor Compliance Classes

Tuesday, January 17

Russian cyberattacks against U.S. institutions have ushered in a new reality for hospitals. The Dark web is teaming with criminals already attacking banks, universities and hospitals looting them for money, holding them for ransom. That's why cyberattacks are on the rise. If your facility hasn't been attacked it's probably just a matter of time. That is why this webcast is so vitally important. You and your team will come away equipped with the latest information on the cyber threat landscape and incidents in healthcare to help you keep patient data secured.

RACmonitor Compliance Classes

Tuesday, January 24

Medicare rules are terribly complex. Yet as others seek to simplify these rules, misunderstandings become Medicare Myths myths that can hinder and hamper your judgment when you come to the crossroads of doing what is right or following the law. During this timely webcast, you and your team will come to understand what one can do that is right, while doing what is legal.

RACmonitor Compliance Classes

Thursday, February 2

Wednesday, March 8, 2017 could be doomsday. That's when the Medicare Outpatient Observation Notice (MOON) becomes effective. And getting observation right will be crucial because of the widespread publicity and public scrutiny of observation services. Now you will, thanks to this timely webcast by Ronald Hirsch, MD.

RACmonitor Compliance Classes
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RACmonitor Compliance Classes

Tuesday, February 7

The ambiguity of the JW modifier continues to thwart effective planning by hospital pharmacy professionals. By attending this timely webcast, you will be made aware of the potential impact that the JW modifier can have on your organization and also know how critical documentation and medical necessity are to a successful transition.

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