Evaluation & Management Essentials book image 2019 Evaluation & Management Essentials

This indispensable handbook delivers comprehensive guidance with fully and correctly documenting E&M services in compliance with CMS and AMA guidelines. It also educates coders about what documentation they need to support their E&M code assignments.

Price: $183.00
Auditor Monitor Quarterly Report product badge Auditor Monitor Report

Auditor Monitor, published quarterly by RACmonitor, is a complete guide to the latest news and information on activities being executed by an array of government and third-party healthcare auditors.

Price: $199.00
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Attend unlimited webcasts through the RACmonitor Webcast Portal!

We can't supply you with additional staff or provide travel expenses for off-site education, but we can provide expert training for you and your team membersat a reasonable costwithout the hassle of having to leave your facility.

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