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COVID-19 Provider Relief Funds: How to Avoid Audits

COVID-19 Provider Relief Funds: How to Avoid Audits  Webcast

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The bundle of money associated with PRFs is wrapped up with a string of rules and regulations which, when unpacked, could provide auditors with ready-made targets for audits, leading to fines, penalties and takebacks.

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If your facility accepted Provider Relief Funds (PRFs) as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic, you need to be aware of the myriad of rules and regulations that are associated with this funding or else face penalties and takebacks. A word of caution: expect to be audited. In Medicare and Medicaid, regulatory audits are as certain as death and taxes. That is why your facility needs to arm itself with the knowledge of how to address documentation requests from the government, especially while the Public Health Emergency (PHE) is in effect.

This exclusive RACmonitor webcast, led by healthcare attorney Knicole Emanuel, discusses the PRF rules that providers must follow and how to prove that funds were appropriately used. There are strict regulations dictating why, how, and how much PRFs can be spent due to the catastrophic, financial impact of COVID-19. Register now to learn how to avoid penalties and takebacks related to PRFs.

Why This is Relevant:

A patchwork of federal and state regulations concerning COVID-19 is generating confusion thus making regulatory compliance even more complicated. This webcast explores COVID-19 exceptions related to PRFs allowed during the PHE in many various healthcare services that providers need to know, along with important, effective dates of the most-used COVID-19 exceptions. Most importantly, this webcast describes the criteria for use of funds— reporting rules and deadlines, and how to prove use was “COVID-19-related.”

Learning Objectives:

  • Rules and regulations relative to receiving and spending funds provided by the COVID-19 PRF
  • Exceptions to COVID-19 PRF and relevant effective dates
  • PRF documentation and reporting requirements
  • The importance of the legal dates of PHE
  • How to prove your facility’s use of funds is germane to COVID-19

Who Should Attend:

CFOs, RAC and appeals specialists, RAC coordinators, compliance officers, directors and managers

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