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CPT Case Studies: Examples of Procedures & Services


Price: $129.95
Format: Softbound, 8½" x 11", 588 pages
Edition: 2014
Publisher: American Medical Association
Experts: 978-1-62202-028-7

Product Code: RPCCS14



CPT Case Studies: Examples of Procedures and Services is the official reference guide with practical case studies to help illustrate real-life clinical examples and the appropriate reporting environment for over 1000 of the top most-reported CPT® codes. It is the only authoritative book to describe the preservice, intraservice, and postservice elements of typical services/procedures for Medicare's claim data for these frequently reported CPT codes.

Organized like the CPT codebook, this important reference not only delivers accurate and official CPT Editorial Board-approved procedural case studies, it is also enhanced with illustrations; coding tips; information about the global period of a code to indicate which portion of the before, during, and after services/procedures should be reported with the associated CPT code; and cross-referenced citations to CPT Assistant and Clinical Examples of Radiology newsletters and CPT Changes to provide additional coding information for specific CPT codes.

With this book, you'll learn to accurately report the procedures and/or services performed by physicians and/or other qualified heath care professionals in an environment of an ever increasing array of revised, deleted, and new CPT codes and their updated reporting needs. Featuring:

  • Real-life practical clinical examples to illustrate more than 1000 of the top most-reported CPT codes
  • Pre-, intra-, and postservice details of clinical examples deliver information on elements that would be typically performed
  • Insightful procedural illustrations of procedural elements are included in these services
  • Coding tips and exclusive guidance from the AMA's CPT Editorial Panel
  • Global period information associated with each code to provide more detailed information around the reporting environment of these CPT codes
  • Citations for CPT Assistant, Clinical Examples of Reference, CPT Changesassociated with each code
  • Organized to match the CPT codebook for continuity and easy reference
  • Familiar CPT code symbols and their definitions displayed in each page for easy reference

CPT® is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association.