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E&M Services Part IV: Complex Coding Issues


Many times, there are complex coding issues related to when you can and cannot report the E/M service with a procedure or given situation. There are many gray areas in E/M coding and this session will talk about the complex gray areas and how to determine what E/M service you can report.

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Description Experience Continuing Education

In the final session of this four-part webcast series, you'll learn about various complex E/M coding issues. Many times, E/M coding levels are not always clear. This session will cover some of the "gray" areas of E/M coding, with a review of complex situations in the hospital setting such as when to code for observation versus initial hospital care, when you can bill an E/M service with critical care, what services can be split/shared with the non-physician provider, what to code when the initial hospital care does not meet the lowest level of service, and more.

Learning Objectives:

From this valuable educational session, you will...

  • Learn the common complex E/M scenarios
  • Come to understand the Modifier 25 dilemma
  • Learn what do you report when the initial H&P does not meet the lowest level of service
  • Understand what needs to be documented for a split/shared visit in the office and hospital setting,
  • Learn how do you report a split/shared visit in the office
  • Know when a postoperative patient is admitted, when can you report an E/M service