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Don't Get Behind the Eight Ball: Eight New Therapy Stratified Codes up the Ante for Risk


Out with the old. In with the new. Old physical and occupational codes are gone December 31, 2016. In their place: Eight new therapy stratified codes that, if not billed correctly, could put your reimbursement at risk while putting therapy staff and coders behind the eight ball come January 1, 2017. Now's the time for coding and documentation lessons. So rack 'em up.

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Old physical and occupational therapy codes are gone December 31, 2016. Replacing them will be eight new therapy stratified codes. And these become effective on January 1, 2017. So now is the time and this upcoming webcast is the place to be for information to help update your chargemaster – updating your CDM with new rules and guidelines surrounding the use of these new codes. And for outpatient therapy providers, these new codes could be problematic.

Good news: This webcast by subject matter expert Nancy Beckley will help you avoid submitting claims that may be returned for corrections but rather, she will explain how you can be fully and compliantly reimbursed for therapy services after these new changes take effect.

In getting prepared, ask yourself these questions:

  • Will your chargemaster be up-to-date when these new code changes take effect?
  • Do your therapy staff and coders understand the parameters of the eight new therapy codes?
  • Is your documentation system equipped to handle the codes?
  • Do your therapists know the parameters for the use of each of the stratified codes?
  • Do you know that virtually all of the therapy codes will be reviewed and re-valued this year, for 2018?
  • Do you know the underpinnings of the therapy audits and investigations over the past year and what steps to take to perform a risk assessment in your department or practice and mitigate the risks?

You need to know. And you need to know now. That's because implementation of the eight new therapy evaluation and re-evaluation codes has been confirmed in the 2017 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Final Rule. That leaves very little time to educate and train therapists on the stratified code definitions, and practical applications for documentation and coding, let alone setting up EMR documentation templates.

Learning Objectives
From this crucially important webcast you will...

  • Learn the eight new outpatient therapy evaluation and re-evaluation codes and understand the documentation requirements for physical and occupational therapy effective January 1, 2017.
  • Understand the therapy cap, therapy $3700 threshold and therapy cap exceptions process including the use of the KX modifier for 2017 and how this will affect therapy reviews.
  • Understand the audit and investigation landscape that has targeted therapy providers in 2016 and how you can assess your program risks for compliance.
  • Learn other rehab updates including telemedicine, locum tenens, and therapy codes that will be revalued in 2017.
  • Understand implications of ACA Section 1557 for outpatient therapy providers and the Assurance of Compliance updated requirements.