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The High Profile Risk Factor: Pharmacy Operations


Pharmacy operations are extremely intricate and difficult, so it is essential that your practices, policies, pricing, and compliance plans are efficient, relevant and bullet-proof to protect your facility and the patients you serve.

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Description Experience

Are you sure that your pharmacy is fully compliant? Are you sure that your data is accurate, that your information system functions properly, and that your medical record documentation will support billing the discarded portion of a single dose vial?

Even the most efficient pharmacy can lose sight of the big picture by getting so caught up in details of operating a pharmacy every day, which is why we want to highlight some very important items that you should be on your radar.

Let's face it, pharmacy operations are extremely difficult to manage.

Why This Webcast is Important

You will learn about all the changes taking place in pharmacy operations payment model changes, pricing changes and quality changes. You'll also learn about tools and resources that can affect your pharmacy operation.

Learning Objectives
From this essential webcast, you will:

  • Understand the challenges of regulatory compliance and operational efficiency
  • Be able to identify the information needed to combat issues associated with payment model changes
  • Understand new pricing methods to help prevent denials and avoid thousands of dollars in Medicare paybacks
  • Learn about quality guidelines for improved interoperability
  • Know what tools and resources can help to keep you informed of changes to compliance, revenue cycle management, and day-to-day pharmacy operations