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Debunking 5 Medicare Myths That Can Hinder and Hamper Your Judgment


Spooked by Medicare Myths? David Glaser is coming to a computer near you to debunk seemingly factual rules.

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Medicare rules are terribly complex. Yet as others seek to simplify these rules, misunderstandings become Medicare Myths myths that can hinder and hamper your judgment when you come to the crossroads of doing what is right or following the law. In fact, what exactly is the law?

During this timely webcast, you and your team will come to understand what one can do that is right, while doing what is legal. This fresh approach will relive the inherent tension between compliance and legal departments, while demonstrating how to achieve harmony between both entities within your organization.

So, you'll want a front row seat when healthcare attorney David Glaser assumes the role of Myth Buster Medicare Myth Buster as he debunks seemingly factual rules. Spooked by Medicare Myths? The Medicare Myth Buster is coming to a computer near you.

Learning Objectives
From this session you will come to understand...

  • "If it isn't written it wasn't done" is not the law
  • That "Attorney client privilege may not protect internal reviews"
  • Why you can accept outside referrals on a clinic MRI
  • Common misperceptions on inpatient status
  • Why you do not need to treat every patient the same way