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New Medicare Appeals Process Could Help Your Facility Prevail at the ALJ

Thursday, August 17

This presentation will benefit participants by providing an in-depth look at the changes to the Medicare appeals process set forth in the recent CMS Final Rule and key OMHA initiatives taking place at the ALJ appeal level. These Final Rule provisions and OMHA initiatives will have a significant impact on how you approach your Medicare appeals.

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Auditors Obsessing with Observation

Tuesday, August 29

In what promises to be a game-changer for you and providers, Dr. Hirsch will go into detail on the use of observation in both medical and surgical patients. And, he will also review the proper billing methods for observation.

Price: $229.00
Six Components of Extrapolation That Could Save Your Facility Millions

Wednesday, July 26

This critically important RACmonitor webcast will cover the six components of extrapolation, explaining the good and bad of each one.

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Avoid a RAC Audit: Learn Compliant Exceptions to Short Inpatient Stays

The Two Midnight Rule is under constant evolution, be it changes to the rule itself as with the new exception for physician judgment, or the changes in the audit process going to a more targeted approach.

Price: $229.00
Mastering Medicare Advantage, Part II: Understanding Risk Adjustment and HCCs

Medicare uses a complex risk-adjustment process when paying Medicare Advantage Organizations (MAOs) for services provided to Medicare beneficiaries who enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan. Of particular interest is the Risk Adjustment Data Valuation (RADV) and associated Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCCs) as you will discover during Part II of this crucially important webcast by author, educator, and consultant Duane Abbey.

Price: $229.00
How to Write a Proposed Decision to the ALJ and Get Paid Sooner Than Later

With the backlog at the Office of Medicare Hearings and Appeals, more than a few ALJs are asking appellants to submit proposed decisions. Will you be ready and able to give the ALJ something they can actually use? Now, thanks to this exclusive webcast and former ALJ and decision writer, Bob Soltis, you'll be able to write a proposed decision to include with your Request for Hearing.

Price: $229.00
Mastering Medicare Advantage, Part I: Improve Reimbursement, Claim Adjudication and Appeals

Medicare Advantage programs are becoming more and more popular. Understanding the differences between Medicare Advantage and traditional Medicare can translate into better reimbursement and less cost in filing and tracking claim adjudication and payment as you will discover during Part I of this crucially important webcast by author, educator, and consultant Duane Abbey.

Price: $229.00
Mastering Medicare Advantage: An Important 2-Part Webcast Series

Medicare Advantage is like sitting down and confronting a bowl of goulasha steamy brew of meat, vegetables and broth. You really don't know what you're getting into until it's too late. Medicare Advantage is a brewing stew of compliance issues.

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The MOON: Lessons Learned: An Important Case Study

The MOON is a new requirement that just went into effect on March 8, 2017. It is a requirement that many sites are struggling to deliver. This webcast, featuring lessons learned from Trinity Health, will help you identify what could work in your own organization. Sharing processes and policies means that you don't have to reinvent the wheel.

Price: $229.00
Outpatient Therapy Rehab Updates: Get the Facts – Not Fake News

Hear nationally respected Nancy Beckley debunk therapy urban legends circulating in therapy listservs. Learn how to ensure your therapy program relies on fact, not fiction of fake news.

Price: $229.00
Warning: The RACs Are Back. New Contracts. New Rules.

The Recovery Audit Contractsthe RACsare ready to start auditing your claims. While some processes will resemble previous audits, there are important changes to the new rules that warrant review, analysis, and understanding.

Price: $229.00
Implantable Device Credit Reporting: Intense Federal Audits Continue

The OIG has not slowed down in its apparent endeavor to access every facility, whether a hospital or an ASC, to audit each facility's claims history and current practices under implantable medical device credit requirements. High error rates make these targeted audits lucrative in terms of repayments and fines. It's not easy to master and implement these requirements, but you must know how. This webcast will show you how to report compliantly.

Price: $229.00
Learn New Rules to Win Your Appeals at the ALJ

Providers and suppliers appealing claims for Medicare, Medicare Advantage or Medicare Prescription Drug plans must understand the new rules of engagement in order to prevail through the appeals process. The benefit of this webcast is to help you understand the new rules in order to enhance successful outcomes throughout the appeals process, but specifically the ALJ level of appeal.

Price: $229.00
Mastering the Use of the JW Modifier

The ambiguity of the JW modifier continues to thwart effective planning by hospital pharmacy professionals. By attending this timely webcast, you will be made aware of the potential impact that the JW modifier can have on your organization and also know how critical documentation and medical necessity are to a successful transition.

Price: $179.00
Avoid a Collision with the MOON

Wednesday, March 8, 2017 could be doomsday. That's when the Medicare Outpatient Observation Notice (MOON) becomes effective. And getting observation right will be crucial because of the widespread publicity and public scrutiny of observation services. Now you will, thanks to this timely webcast by Ronald Hirsch, MD.

Price: $229.00
Debunking 5 Medicare Myths That Can Hinder and Hamper Your Judgment

Medicare rules are terribly complex. Yet as others seek to simplify these rules, misunderstandings become Medicare Myths myths that can hinder and hamper your judgment when you come to the crossroads of doing what is right or following the law. During this timely webcast, you and your team will come to understand what one can do that is right, while doing what is legal.

Price: $229.00
Protect Your Facility from Cyberattacks: Learn from Real World Examples

Russian cyberattacks against U.S. institutions have ushered in a new reality for hospitals. The Dark web is teaming with criminals already attacking banks, universities and hospitals looting them for money, holding them for ransom. That's why cyberattacks are on the rise. If your facility hasn't been attacked it's probably just a matter of time. That is why this webcast is so vitally important. You and your team will come away equipped with the latest information on the cyber threat landscape and incidents in healthcare to help you keep patient data secured.

Price: $229.00
Don't Get Behind the Eight Ball: Eight New Therapy Stratified Codes up the Ante for Risk

Out with the old. In with the new. Old physical and occupational codes are gone December 31, 2016. In their place: Eight new therapy stratified codes that, if not billed correctly, could put your reimbursement at risk while putting therapy staff and coders behind the eight ball come January 1, 2017. Now's the time for coding and documentation lessons. So rack 'em up.

Price: $229.00
Provider-Based Clinics: In the Eye of the Storm

Provider-based clinics and associated operations have become very popular for hospitals because increased reimbursement results from filing both a facility and a professional claim. But all of that could change due to a potent storm that's gaining energy on the horizon. Once again, hospitals are at the storm's vortex.

Price: $229.00
DRG Clinical Validation: Necessary or Optional

The official 2017 Coding and Reporting Guidelines are creating one of the biggest frustrations for hospital audit and denial teams in recent memory. Ronald Hirsch, MD will provide valuable insight as a physician and as a nationally recognized physician advisor on how to arrive at a compliant solution for one of the most insidious attacks this year on DRG clinical validation.

Price: $229.00
2017 OIG Work Plan: Seen Through the Lens of Attorney

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Inspector General (OIG) 2017 Work Plan comes with a warning: the OIG continues to be relentless in detecting and pursuing waste, fraud, and abuse. This webcast will prepare you with practical steps to keep your facility compliant.

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The High Profile Risk Factor: Pharmacy Operations, Part II: The Ambiguous JW Modifier

The ambiguity of the JW modifier continues to thwart effective planning by hospital pharmacy professionals. By attending this timely webcast, you will be made aware of the potential impact that the JW modifier can have on your organization and also know how critical documentation and medical necessity are to a successful transition.

Price: $229.00
Learn How to Analyze Your PEPPER: Identify Risks and Rewards

Widely viewed, but seldom understood, the Program for Evaluating Payment Patterns Electronic Report (PEPPER) can enhance your hospital's overall performance. During this webcast, Ronald Hirsch, MD, will walk you through the PEPPER report to show you how to determine if your facility is a risk of an audit and conversely, how your facility could realize potential revenue enhancement.

Price: $229.00
Use Caution When Approaching the MOON: Learning How to Avoid a Crash Landing

Learn first-hand how to navigate the unforgiving lunar terrain that is called the MOON the Medicare Outpatient Observation Notice (MOON). Mary Beth Pace, Vice President of Care Management for Trinity Health has been to the MOON and back and will offer invaluable guidance as you approach the MOON.

Price: $199.00
Sleep Studies: How to Eliminate Nightmarish Billing Issues

The 2016 OIG Work Plan takes aim at sleep studies when information from sleep study providers is inaccurate, insufficient and incomplete. Failure to bill sleep studies compliantly could be your worst nightmare.

Price: $199.00
The High Profile Risk Factor: Pharmacy Operations

Pharmacy operations are extremely intricate and difficult, so it is essential that your practices, policies, pricing, and compliance plans are efficient, relevant and bullet-proof to protect your facility and the patients you serve.

Price: $199.00
New IRF Data Collection Requirements: How to Reduce the Burden

The data collection requirements for inpatient rehabilitation facilities (IRFs) continue to grow and there is NO relief in sight. This webcast will demonstrate and how potential opportunities could reduce the burden of this data collection.

Price: $199.00
Rural Health Reimbursement: Keep What You Deserve

Rural Health Clinics and Critical Access Hospitals have the potential to increase reimbursement. With that potential comes the concomitant of increased auditing. Fortunately, Duane Abbey, PhD will demonstrate how to navigate these complex issues so you can keep the reimbursement you deserve.

Price: $199.00
Encore: Avoid Being Wrong on Patient Rights

Back by popular demand!

Knowing how and when to use the right Medicare form will help your facility from providing unreimbursed and medically unnecessary care.

Price: $199.00
RACmonitor Compliance Webcasts

Attend unlimited* webcasts through RACmonitor

We can't supply you with additional staff or provide travel expenses for off-site education, but we can provide expert training for you and your team membersat a reasonable costwithout the hassle of having to leave your facility.

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